Robinson, Rene Alexander, 45

San Francisco


2007-03-02 19:50:26+002007Rene Alexander Robinson was shot at Seventh and Townsend streets after he tried to stab two occupants of a Jeep Cherokee through the vehicle's open sunroof, then advanced on police with two knives, investigators said. The two officers "happened to be driving down the street'' when they saw a man trying to carjack the SUV, Police Chief Heather Fong said at a press conference. The man "started charging toward the officers," Fong said. "They saw this individual had two large butcher knives. He was waving the knives and was running toward them.'' A short time after the incident at Seventh and Townsend, police learned that 59 year old Marvin Harris had been found stabbed in his apartment building a block away on Brannan Street. Robinson is suspected of the fatal attack on Harris. Robinson 's family said late Wednesday that he was engaged to be married and was recently working as a cook for San Francisco's Youth Guidance Center. His 81-year-old mother, who asked not to be identified, said she last heard from her son about two weeks ago. She said he finished a prison term and had completed parole. "He was clear for everything,'' she said. He went to a halfway house in Oakland to complete his term, she said. His sister-in-law, who also asked not to be named, said she had questions about the incident. "The story, to me, doesn't sound right,'' she said. "I don't understand why he would kill that person, or stab him. His criminal life was behind him. He was completely cleared of everything. He was going to get married. They had set a date for June.''Black