Nieto, Alex, 28

San Francisco


On Friday evening, March 21, 2014, Alejandro “Alex” Nieto, 28 years old, was killed by the San Francisco Police Department, on Bernal Hill, after newcomers to the neighborhood racially profiled him and called the police. Alex Nieto was born and raised in the Bernal Heights and Mission districts. He was a beloved son and brother, and an active peaceful member of the community. He was an accomplished: - Full-time scholarship student at CCSF, earning a criminal justice degree and applying for transfer to a 4 year college program - Full-time security guard at El Toro nightclub - Provider for his family - Practicing Buddhist pacifist - Prior intern at the Youth Guidance Center’s Probation Department - Member of the Mission Peace Collaborative - Campaign volunteer in federal and local elections - Volunteer at youth organizations (Coleman Advocates, HOMEY, etc.) - Community event participant and organizer (Carnaval, poetry readings, etc) Alex dreamt of helping guide youth in a positive direction, which is why he aspired to become a probation officer. He had a gigantic heart, and everyone loved him for his intellect, gentleness, and kindness.