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Williams, Jessica, 29BlackMay 19, 2016 was shot and killed by SFPD in Bayview after fleeing police. Her tragic death led to the resignation of Police Chief Greg Suhr, after immense community demand through campaigns such as the #Frisco5 and #Frisco500. Jessica was pregnant.
Gongora, Luis, 45LatinoApril 7, 2016 San Francisco police officers killed homeless Jose Luis Gongora on April 7th, 2016 on the 400 block of Shotwell Street in the Mission District. He had become homeless after an eviction in the Mission. Luis was the second Latino immigrant killed by SFPD in the last two years. While the SFPD claimed that he had been threatening them with a knife, witnesses said that he had not been, and that he did not speak English, and hence did not understand the police's orders.
Woods, Mario, 26Black2015-12-02 00:57:56+00 Francisco police murdered another African American man in the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood on December 2. At least five police officers surrounded 26-year-old Mario Woods on a sidewalk and proceeded to shoot him over fifteen times. Three different videos of the killing, taken with cellphone cameras, were made public. The videos spread widely, triggering protests and a fiery town hall meeting. The first two videos were used by San Francisco Chief of Police Greg Suhr to claim his officers were justified in the firing of the large number of rounds at a man with a knife threatening to attack an officer. A third video released later clearly shows that Mario was not lunging at officers or otherwise posing a threat when he was shot down. His arms were at his sides.
Benítez, Herbert, 27Latino2015-10-15 01:06:08+00 the words of his brother on the GoFundMe site for his burial ( "My name is Andrew Benitez, and on Friday October 16,2015, the hardest thing I have ever had to do was tell my mom that her youngest son, my little brother, was shot and killed by San Francisco Police officers. With so much still unknown as to why this happened, what is known is that it took almost a full day before I was notified. Everyone is my family is in complete disbelief that something like this has happend. Herbert Benitez was 27 years old and supposed to turn 28 in two weeks. Instead of celebrating, my family now has to figure out how we will bury his body. While everyone is coping, this has hit my mom the most as they were on their way to go eat lunch. She was a block away when all of this went down and had no clue until I told her the next day."
Raiyawa, Filimoni, 57Black2015-07-30 01:24:49+00 SFPD detained him and attempted to subdue him with 6-8 officers. He died while handcuffed. A witness claimed that he was saying that he couldn't breathe before he died.
Donald “DJ” Pinkerton-DeVito, 23White2015-06-05 01:21:20+00 “D.J.” Pinkerton, 23, was killed on his bike in a crash with an SFPD driver on Friday night at a dangerous intersection at the edge of McLaren Park which is set to get traffic calming improvements. The SFPD has told reporters that officers are still investigating the crash, which occurred at about 9 p.m. at Sunnydale and Persia avenues in the Excelsior District. Based on reports so far, Pinkerton was riding down a service road from the weekly bike polo event he organized when an SFPD officer driving a cruiser struck him.
Brown, Alice, 24White2015-03-16 01:23:22+00 24-year-old San Francisco woman who was fatally shot by plainclothes police officers on Tuesday night after she allegedly went on a driving rampage has been identified by the medical examiner’s office. Alice Brown was killed near the intersection of Van Ness Avenue and Pine Street while allegedly trying to escape pursuing officers. Alice suffered from mental illness.
Perez-Lopez, Amilcar, 21Latino2015-02-26 15:36:13+00 Perez Lopez was killed by the two undercover SFPD cops on 2/26/2015. Amilcar was an undocumented Guatemalan national. While at the vigil neighbors and friends told their fair of coming forward because they fear the police may harm them. His roomates witnessed the killing: “The day he was killed, we saw everything,” one said in Spanish. “I want to say everything I know, but I am scared,” he said adding that he feared being deported for not cooperating with police. Both of the roommates are facing an eviction at the end of the month. Their version differed sharply from the official version which casts López-Pérez as allegedly attempting to steal a bicycle with a knife when two plainclothes officers came on the scene at 9:45 p.m. The alleged victim thanked police for saving his life, police reported on the night of the incident. However, neighbors and eye witnesses assert that police walked into a crime in progress and confused López-Pérez as a suspect, when in fact he was the victim. The witnesses said that the cyclist stole López-Pérez’s cell phone and he was chasing after him. One of the eyewitnesses offered more details at Saturday’s vigil. “The cops came from behind him,” he said. “He didn’t realize they were cops. He squirmed away and ran towards the two (parked) cars. They ordered him to drop the weapon, he did -over there- (he signaled to the side of the altar on the sidewalk) and then they shot him.” - From Mission Local.
Matthew Hoffman, 32White2015-01-04 08:48:42+00 Francisco police officers fatally shot a 32-year-old man Sunday after he pulled what turned out to be a replica gun while trespassing on restricted property in front of Mission Station, authorities said.
Evans, O'Shaine - 26Black2014-10-08 09:54:49+00 shot and killed Evan, a suspected car thief, when officers who were assigned to conduct "crime suppression" near the ballpark spotted a suspicious vehicle casing other cars.
Contreras Sandovam, Giovany - 34Latino2014-09-25 09:39:46+00 SFPD officers fired 32 times at him, after a high speed chase and suspect highjacking. Giovany was from San Rafael.
Nieto, Alex, 28Latino2014-03-21 20:00:00+00 Friday evening, March 21, 2014, Alejandro “Alex” Nieto, 28 years old, was killed by the San Francisco Police Department, on Bernal Hill, after newcomers to the neighborhood racially profiled him and called the police. Alex Nieto was born and raised in the Bernal Heights and Mission districts. He was a beloved son and brother, and an active peaceful member of the community. He was an accomplished: - Full-time scholarship student at CCSF, earning a criminal justice degree and applying for transfer to a 4 year college program - Full-time security guard at El Toro nightclub - Provider for his family - Practicing Buddhist pacifist - Prior intern at the Youth Guidance Center’s Probation Department - Member of the Mission Peace Collaborative - Campaign volunteer in federal and local elections - Volunteer at youth organizations (Coleman Advocates, HOMEY, etc.) - Community event participant and organizer (Carnaval, poetry readings, etc) Alex dreamt of helping guide youth in a positive direction, which is why he aspired to become a probation officer. He had a gigantic heart, and everyone loved him for his intellect, gentleness, and kindness.
Wilkerson, Dale, 60White2013-04-18 15:17:07+00 Wilkerson called police to report that he had stabbed his brother in law. He was shot and killed by the police upon their arrival at his home on DeHaro Street. Dale was a "nice guy" who was "quiet and would always mind his own business; he would always help you out," said Jon Cawthon, 67, Wilkerson 's neighbor for 20 years. But over the last six months, he said, Wilkerson had grown reclusive. "Lately I think he's been really stressed about something, I don't know what," Cawthon said. Cawthon said that before Wednesday night, he had never heard a commotion at the house Wilkerson shared with his sister, the sister's husband and a tenant. Gary Wilson, 26, said the tenant had told him Wilkerson and his brother-in-law got into "a physical altercation that escalated to a stabbing," but he didn't know what the fight had been about. The incident began about 9:40 p.m. when Wilkerson called 911 and told a dispatcher that he had just stabbed his 60-year-old brother-in-law, police said. The dispatcher heard a second man's voice in the background "pleading for help," said Officer Gordon Shyy, a police spokesman. Officers arrived within a minute. As they approached the small bungalow, they saw Wilkerson emerge from a doorway, carrying what turned out to be a hammer, Shyy said. Wilkerson "had it raised as he advanced toward officers," and ignored their orders to drop it, Shyy said. One officer fired and struck Wilkerson , Shyy said. The brother-in-law was treated at the hospital for a laceration to his arm and was released early Thursday, police and neighbors said. His name was not disclosed. Residents of the quiet, hilly neighborhood - a mix of working-class bungalows like Wilkerson 's and million-dollar-plus homes - said they were shocked by the violence. Across the street, Sandy Wieland was taking care of her elderly father when she heard two loud pops. Wieland said her daughter had looked out the window and seen Wilkerson on the ground with police standing over him, their guns pointed at him.
Sawyer, Aaron (23)Black2013-03-02 14:35:31+002013Daly City police spotted Sawyer behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle and chased him into San Francisco. Sawyer eventually abandoned the car and fled on foot. Both occupants abandoned the moving vehicle at Bayshore Boulevard and Hester Avenue, Manfredi said. The unoccupied vehicle continued rolling and hit a San Francisco police car, he said. The passenger immediately surrendered to Daly City officers, but Sawyer ran away, brandishing a handgun, he said. Daly City and San Francisco officers approached Sawyer, who allegedly raised his gun at them. A Daly City officer, fearing for his life, shot the suspect in the torso, SFPD Manfredi said. Sawyer was pronounced dead at the scene.
Pralourng, Pralith, 32Asian2012-07-18 00:00:00+00 was shot to death by officers after refusing to drop a box cutter. He had fled from his workplace after reportedly slashing a coworker in the arm. Pralourng was a diagnosed schizophrenic.[52]
Gaines, Derrick (15)Black2012-06-05 00:00:00+002012Gaines, 15 years old and unarmed, was shot while fleeing from an officer in a gas station parking lot after allegedly pulling a gun on the officer. He and his friends were stopped in the first place at the gas station due to racial profiling.
Hughes, Dennis, 41White2012-05-09 00:00:00+00 in his girlfriend's apartment by a police sharpshooter after beating his mother to death when she tried to evict him from her home in Ronhert Park. Hughes had fired several shots at officers from the apartment.[35]
Young, Steven, 33White2011-11-19 15:02:58+00, a San Carlos resident, was pulled over by San Francisco police during a routine traffic stop. As officers approached the car, Young got out of the vehicle and began running southbound on Larkin Street, according to police. Halfway through the block, Young turned around and allegedly began shooting at the cops, who then fired back, hitting Young in the upper torso area, according to police.
Woo, Peter, 44Asian2011-10-03 14:56:35+00 the morning of Oct. 3, Peter Woo, 44, stabbed his 73-year-old mother Nina Woo at her home in the 600 block of Funston Avenue. Peter had a history of mental illness. Officers responded and found Peter’s 78-year-old father in the doorway with defensive stab wounds to his forearm and hand. The officers then went upstairs and found Nina Woo bleeding profusely from stab wounds to her upper torso, police said. As they tried to pull her to safety, the officers were confronted by Peter, who was waving a knife in each hand, according to police. An officer used a beanbag weapon against him but it was ineffective, so the second officer shot him with a gun, police said.
Harding, KennethBlack2011-07-16 00:00:00+00 after shooting at police who were attempting to cite Harding for light-rail fare evasion. Nineteen year old Kenneth Harding Jr. was viciously gunned down and murdered by San Francisco police on July 16, 2011. Kenneth was riding on the T-train on Third Street, where there is constant police occupation. On that day the police entered the train at Third Street and Palou, walked straight to Kenneth and asked for proof of purchase. When Kenneth did not supply a transfer, the police removed him from the train. At that time Kenneth began to run with his hands up and holding his cell phone. Police Officers Lopez and Hastings chased him and gunned him down from two different directions.
HIll, Charles BlaireWhite2011-07-03 16:08:32+00 July 3, a BART officer shot and killed Charles Hill, a homeless man, at the Civic Center station in San Francisco. Transit police said Mr. Hill, appearing inebriated, was armed with a bottle and two knives and acted aggressively when two officers confronted him. After a minute-long confrontation, one of the officers shot Mr. Hill.
Smith, Joshua, 25White2011-06-08 16:04:23+00 man the FBI called the "Gen X Bandit" was shot and killed by San Francisco police near Buena Vista Park when he allegedly tried to run over officers with a stolen BMW, authorities said. Joshua Camden Smith was suspected of being the Southern California bank robber and of stealing the car, which the FBI had tracked to the Bay Area using the vehicle's GPS unit. Lt. Troy Dangerfield, a spokesman for the Police Department, said plainclothes officers had found the BMW on block of Buena Vista Avenue East, between Haight Street and Duboce Avenue. They were conducting surveillance at about 5:20 p.m. Tuesday when they saw Smith get into the car, police said. Smith was shot when he drove threateningly toward the officers, authorities said. He died at San Francisco General Hospital. His driver's license photo resembles the man shown in surveillance-camera pictures of the Irvine bank robberies. Laura Eimiller, an FBI spokeswoman in Los Angeles, said that Smith was suspected in the holdups. The FBI called the bank robber the "Gen X bandit" because of the plaid shirt and stocking cap he wore when holding up a Chase Bank and Comerica Bank within a half hour of each other May 17. The robber was seen driving a stolen BMW with paper license plates. Orange County sheriff's deputies spotted a BMW that matched the description on three occasions - about a half hour after the robberies and twice on May 18 - but each time, the man sped away, said sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino.
Lee, Michael, 43Other2010-09-26 19:23:19+00 Lee, a man with mental illness, was shot when police responded to a noise complaint at the Granada Hotel, a retirement community at 1000 Sutter St. in the Nob Hill neighborhood where Lee lived, at about 11:10 a.m. Management called police after residents complained of loud music coming from Lee's seventh floor apartment, and Lee refused to turn the music down, police said. Mr. Lee was born and raised in Michigan, graduated magna cum laude from the University of Michigan in 1991 with an engineering degree. Scott Hodges, Mr. Lee’s conservator, said Mr. Lee had a severe case of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a condition that accounted for his short attention span, restlessness, lack of focus and impulsiveness. Even medicated, Mr. Lee had difficulty following directions, and people found him hard to understand. He spoke excitedly of his inventions, like a solar-powered amplifier for his guitar, but abandoned hundreds of half-completed projects, filling his room with piles of unused electronic parts. “He described himself sometimes as a mad-scientist type,” said Lawrence Siracusa, a lawyer who represented Mr. Lee. Although San Francisco ordered the police to initiate crisis intervention training in 1001, Mr. Lee’s death raised new questions about how San Francisco police officers are trained to deal with the mentally ill and whether the department has sufficient resources to prepare for complex situations that can arise when officers come in contact with individuals who are behaving erratically.
Smith, Edward, 65White2010-01-23 19:26:08+00 was killed after charging at police with a machete in what SFPD Chief George Gascón referred to as a “classic suicide-by-cop” case
Li, Xiyu, 37Asian2009-09-02 19:43:23+00 San Francisco man who was shot and killed by Ofc. Julian Hermosura after he allegedly came at them with a meat cleaver early Saturday morning was identified by the medical examiner’s office as 37-year-old Xiyu Li. Li’s family told police he had a history of mental health issues and had moved to the U.S. from China a few years ago. Police said Li was unemployed.
Cole, Leonard MichaelWhite2008-01-30 15:57:18+00 Michael Cole was shot to death by San Francisco police after allegedly lunging at officers with a knife. Police said someone complained about Cole panhandling on the median strip of Van Ness Avenue at Greenwich Street, prompting an officer to respond and attempt to cite Cole . Cole ran east on Greenwich Street, and the officer called for backup. At Polk Street, police said, the officer and two colleagues who had pulled up in a marked squad car approached Cole , who turned toward them with a knife that had an 8-inch blade.
Robinson, Rene Alexander, 45Black2007-03-02 19:50:26+00 Alexander Robinson was shot at Seventh and Townsend streets after he tried to stab two occupants of a Jeep Cherokee through the vehicle's open sunroof, then advanced on police with two knives, investigators said. The two officers "happened to be driving down the street'' when they saw a man trying to carjack the SUV, Police Chief Heather Fong said at a press conference. The man "started charging toward the officers," Fong said. "They saw this individual had two large butcher knives. He was waving the knives and was running toward them.'' A short time after the incident at Seventh and Townsend, police learned that 59 year old Marvin Harris had been found stabbed in his apartment building a block away on Brannan Street. Robinson is suspected of the fatal attack on Harris. Robinson 's family said late Wednesday that he was engaged to be married and was recently working as a cook for San Francisco's Youth Guidance Center. His 81-year-old mother, who asked not to be identified, said she last heard from her son about two weeks ago. She said he finished a prison term and had completed parole. "He was clear for everything,'' she said. He went to a halfway house in Oakland to complete his term, she said. His sister-in-law, who also asked not to be named, said she had questions about the incident. "The story, to me, doesn't sound right,'' she said. "I don't understand why he would kill that person, or stab him. His criminal life was behind him. He was completely cleared of everything. He was going to get married. They had set a date for June.''
Vargas, Mario Javier, 36Latino2007-01-28 19:53:34+00 Vargas of Daly City was shot by police. At 9:59 p.m. Friday, two men walked into Bravo Pizza at 5145 Mission St. complaining of a conflict outside with Vargas . By coincidence, three uniformed officers were in the pizzeria, went outside and found Vargas , who pulled a gun, San Francisco Sgt. Neville Gittens said.
Watt, Herbert Tyrone, 42Black2007-01-07 10:09:33+00 was pulled over at Ralston and Randolph streets for having no license plates. Officers removed a small bag of what they said was crack cocaine from Watt's pocket and placed it on the hood of a car. According to police, Watt then swallowed the bag and choked to death. Doug Allen, an attorney hired by the family, said the girlfriend inside the car has given a different version from the police account. She disputed Watt having drugs, he said, and stated that officers put their knees on Watt's back as they struggled with him.
Ruff, Marlon, 33Black2006-12-26 16:11:20+00 Ruff, mother of Marlon Ruff received a call from the Coroner. The first police fire hit Marlon in the leg, then a gun has placed to his chin, and his brain was blown off Ruff walked away from prison, and was on the lam until Friday night, when police say he shot and killed Bryan Tuvera after the 28-year-old officer pursued him into a Sunset District garage. Ruff, 33, was then fatally shot by Tuvera's partner.
Harrington, Michael, 58White2006-09-22 16:08:13+00 man shot and killed by San Francisco Ofc. Joshua Olson while he was holding what turned out to be a fake gun had a long history of violence and had made a plea deal last year with San Francisco prosecutors that allowed him to go free on an assault case, court records show.
Breed, Charles, 33Black2006-08-23 16:18:39+00 homicide suspect opened fire on two San Francisco police officers on Sunday night, sending at least six rounds into the officers’ car before one of the officers shot him dead, police reported Monday. Charles Breed, 33, worked with an accomplice, whom police later arrested, allegedly to kill two people at 10:10 p.m., police spokesman Neville Gittens said Monday. Breed then allegedly opened fire on a patrol car responding to a call of shots fired.
Oliver, Lefiti, "Big O", 37Black2006-06-24 09:32:55+00 O, was shot and killed by SFPD on Capp Street between 15th & 16th Street. Big O has been demonized in the corporate press, portrayed as a "suspected drug dealer", although no weapons or drugs were found at the scene. Big O was a reformed man who was active in his community, deterring the Youth from street life. Oliver Lefiti, a 37-year-old nightclub bouncer and resident of South San Francisco, died at San Francisco General Hospital early Sunday morning surrounded by his mother, brother, girlfriend and teenage son.
Sulivan, Asa, 25Black2006-06-07 09:31:35+00 fatally shot Asa in the attic of a friend who was being evicted. Officers were responding to a call of trespassers. Officers apparently thought Asa's glasses case was a gun and opened fire. Asa had a 5 year old child. Asa's mother and son sued the San Francisco Police Department, alleging that the officers gained illegal entry into the apartment and then used excessive force. Officers did not have a warrant to enter the home.
Ecklund, Karen, 31Unknown2006-03-23 09:30:31+00 woman was shot by a California Highway Patrol officer after a high-speed chase from Clayton to San Francisco. The chase began around 2 a.m. when Clayton police spotted a woman in a stolen white Ford sedan. When she wouldn't pull over, officers contacted the CHP , which joined the chase at 2:35 a.m. Eklund led officers along Highway 4, Interstate 680 and Highway 24 to the Bay Bridge, at times traveling at speeds up to 100 mph, police said. After crossing the bridge, Eklund sped south on Highway 101 and Interstate 280 to Monterey Boulevard and was cornered on the cul-de-sac of Santa Rosa Avenue, just north of San Jose Avenue in the Mission Terrace neighborhood, about 3 a.m., police said. The chase ended in the area of Santa Rosa and San Jose avenues in San Francisco's Mission Terrace neighborhood. The driver entered Santa Rosa Avenue, which is a dead-end street, and was effectively trapped after CHP vehicles followed the car into the dead-end, Gittens said. The driver then began ramming her car into a CHP vehicle, and one officer shot at the driver. A passenger might have been in the suspect's car at some point during the pursuit, Gittens said. Police have detained one person, who might have been that passenger, for questioning.
Holden, Craig, 21Black2005-09-04 09:29:37+00 Holden 21, disabled with asthma, died at Bayview Precinct when he "stopped breathing." Police said officers had stopped a car Holden was driving at 10:25 p.m. Tuesday for a minor traffic infraction. Three other men were in the car when police pulled it over at Palou Avenue and Crisp Road, investigators said. Holden got out first and started walking, then ran when officers started after him, police said. "They had to physically subdue him because he was resisting arrest,'' said Sgt. Neville Gittens, a spokesman for the Police Department. He would not specify what kind of force officers had used. Holden was on parole from the California Youth Authority for an unspecified juvenile offense, authorities said. Officers found a handgun in the car he had been driving and took Holden to the Bayview police station on Williams Street, Gittens said. Once there, Holden complained that he was having trouble breathing and told officers he suffered from asthma. "The paramedics came," Gittens said. "They checked him out, examined him and cleared him.'' Fire Department spokesman Capt. Pete Howes said the paramedics at Station 17 -- located at Shafter Avenue and Ingalls Street -- had been summoned to the Bayview station at 10:44 p.m. and arrived three minutes later. The two-member paramedic crew assessed Holden and left at 11 p.m., fire officials said. Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White said she had reports showing that Holden had refused to be taken to the hospital and that his vital signs had been normal. Twenty-three minutes later, officers called paramedics again after finding that Holden was "in distress,'' police said. A sergeant spotted Holden slumped on a bench, where he had been awaiting booking, police said. The same paramedic crew arrived at 11:26 p.m. The two medics found Holden lifeless but worked to revive him for more than 40 minutes before pronouncing him dead at 12:09 a.m., officials said.
Ayala, Julio, 26Latino2005-04-03 09:26:35+002005Ayala died after a confrontation with police at South San Francisco’s Airport Inn, located at 751 Airport Blvd, according to police reports. Officers responded to the area around 12:17 a.m. and confronted Ayala, who was allegedly “immediately combative,” police reported. Additional officers were called to the scene to assist in Ayala’s arrest. After a 15-minute struggle, five officers restrained Ayala in a “body wrap restraint device.” Officers noticed Ayala was not breathing. Paramedics began lifesaving efforts but were unsuccessful, according to police. No chemical-agent weapons or Taser devices were used during the confrontation, police report.
Brown, Andre, 40Black2004-10-03 09:25:09+002004Officers patrolling the Tenderloin area near Turk and Leavenworth streets noticed what appeared to be a drug deal and approached the suspect. Two Tenderloin beat officers suspected he was selling drugs on Leavenworth Street near Turk Street. As the officers approached, the man put a baggie in his mouth, police said. The man resisted and struggled as officers arrested him. After he was handcuffed, he appeared to have difficulty breathing. He became unresponsive and died in an ambulance en route to a hospital, according to police. Paramedics removed a bag that apparently obstructed his air passage, causing asphyxiation, police said.
Rugley, Gus, 21Black2004-06-29 11:31:50+00 was shot at more than a hundred times on Alemany Boulevard, San Francisco, after what SFPD described as a high speed chase. According to press accounts, Rugley would have opened fire at a police car. However, the autopsy report revealed that he had no gun powder traces on his skin or clothing, therefore Gus could not have used a weapon. The toxicological screen also revealed that Gus Rugley was not under the influence of alcohol or any drugs at the time of his death.
Rugley, Gustavo J., 21Black2004-06-23 16:56:06+00 bullets were retrieved from his body. Gus Rugley was a young man who worked six days a week and was devoted to his family. Gus had given up. His hands were up in the air. A witness, Anna Catreras, said Mr. Rugley sat in his truck and an officer in a light blue sweatshirt walked up, opened up the back passenger door of Gus’ vehicle and proceeded to unload her gun. Ms. Catreras’ later said that her statement was completely turned around in a July 2004 Chronicle story. She never said that Mr. Rugley was shooting back. The whole force shot at Gustavus Rugley. His right temple was struck, and his body on the whole right side had bullet holes.
Angulo, Carlos, 22Latino2004-06-23 16:51:14+00 shooting and stabbing took place in front of the Allstar Cafe at Ninth and Market streets, but the incident may have sprung from a robbery that occurred a block away at the Walgreens at 1301 Market Street, according to witnesses. Sheriff's department spokeswoman Eileen Hirst said the suspects were spotted by two plainclothes sheriff's deputies who were "performing their normal duty as part of the warrant service unit.'' "They were driving up Ninth Street and observed an armed robbery in progress,'' she said. The deputies, identified by Hirst as Deputy Rosen and Deputy Cabrera, stopped and attempted to stop the two suspects. Hirst declined to release the deputies' first names. "Deputy Rosen tackled one suspect,'' Hirst said. "The suspect then pulled out a knife and stabbed Deputy Rosen in the leg.'' When the suspect then turned on Cabrera, knife in hand, and made a "threatening motion,'' Cabrera shot him, Hirst said. Rosen and the suspect who was shot were taken to San Francisco General Hospital, where the suspect was pronounced dead. Several witnesses said the suspect appeared to have already died by the time he was taken away in the ambulance. "He was lifeless,'' said Marc Watkin, who watched the scene unfold from a window above Rich's Club on Ninth Street after hearing a gunshot.
Boyd, Cammerin, 29Black2004-05-05 16:32:49+00 in the process of surrendering after leading police on a high speed chase, Cammerin Boyd was shot and killed in front of numerous witnesses. The death caused an uproar in the western Addition and resulted in a lawsuit against the City. While Police alleged that he was reaching for a weapon when he was shot, witnesses say he had his hands up and in plain view when he got out of the car. Police also say that a weapon was found in the car. Apparently this weapon was found hours later. The events that led to Boyd's death began when a woman flagged down police at the corner of Eddy and Laguna streets and said a man with a gun in a black SUV had tried to kidnap her. Officers spotted Boyd's rented Chevy Blazer nearby and followed him. Paine was driving an unmarked police car, and as Boyd sped down Turk Street, Paine fired a shot after another officer involved in the chase said Boyd had shot at him. The Office of Citizen Complaints said Paine had no justification for firing because there was "no objective evidence" to show that anyone was in imminent danger, or that officers had exhausted all reasonable means of apprehension. Once the chase ended on Larch Way outside the Plaza East public housing project, O'Malley yelled at Boyd to put his hands up, the charges said. O'Malley then fired, and other officers, hearing the shots, fired as well.
Dean, Paul, 32Other2004-04-01 16:27:09+00 San Francisco police officer who fatally shot a suspected auto thief Tuesday during a car chase was not aware -- because of a communications glitch -- that a police sergeant had called off the pursuit.
Moll, Michael, 18White2003-02-13 17:19:03+00 magician Michael Moll, 18, was shot by police. Police claim that he backed the vehicle into an unmarked police car, while the family claimed in a lawsuit that the unmarked police car had crashed into their son's automobile, giving him no way to get out. They said two plainclothes officers had then gunned down the teenager. According to police investigators, the incident began when four plainclothes officers -- who had a suspect in their cruiser and were taking him to Taraval Station -- spotted Moll in the Honda driving erratically at 4 p. m. Wednesday, running stop signs and at one point jumping the sidewalk. The Honda turned out to have been stolen from a police officer's mother who lives in the Richmond District, but the plainclothes police did not know that at the time, said Lt. John Hennessey of the homicide detail. The officers called for a patrol car to stop the Honda, but before one arrived, Moll crashed into a stopped car on southbound 19th Avenue, said homicide Inspector Herman Jones. Two of the undercover officers approached, guns drawn, and ordered Moll and a passenger to get out of the car, Jones said. The passenger told investigators that when Moll realized the men were police, he threw the car into reverse, pinning the officer who had been standing behind the cruiser's open door. Moll was fumbling with the transmission to drive forward when two officers opened fire, Hennessey said. The officers fired a total of eight shots, striking Moll five times. "It all happened in a total of eight seconds," Jones said.
Tan, Jerry, 28Asian2002-11-19 10:30:30+002002Jerry Tan was killed during a police chase in North Beach. Tan drove off and, after a police chase, crashed into an office retail building at 559 Pacific Ave., authorities said. One officer tried to pull Tan from the car and was dragged a short distance. Just as he jumped off, the second officer fired twice. "We believe he was hit at that time, but you cannot be 100 percent sure when he was hit," said homicide Inspector Tom Cleary. Tan was shot once. He had a long record that included 25 felony arrests that involved stolen vehicles.
Akbad, Jihad, 28Arab2002-10-09 09:23:18+002002A former football standout at UC Berkeley who worked in juvenile justice and AIDS prevention, Akbar battled depression and an addiction to methamphetamines. He had been arrested three times, once in Santa Cruz for drug possession, once in San Francisco for resisting arrest, and once in Berkeley for assault on a police officer and resisting arrest -- the assault charge was later dropped. He was eager to enter a residential treatment program but was rejected because his mental illness "was considered not severe enough," said his domestic partner, Tim Silard, a San Francisco assistant district attorney. On Oct. 8, 2002, at the Bagdad Cafe on Market Street, Akbar took two 10-inch knives from the kitchen, then walked up and down the sidewalk in front, "dancing around with the knives with a big smile on his face, and making racial and homophobic statements," according to police reports. Officers repeatedly ordered him to drop the knives. Akbar reportedly leaped at Officer Michael Celis, who fired twice. One bullet hit Akbar in the chest; the other went through two apartment windows across the street, hitting no one. After the shooting, as Akbar lay face-up on the pavement, more than 20 witnesses gathered and argued heatedly over the necessity of the shooting, said one witness, Robert Little, 34, a chiropractor in El Cerrito. "It was hard to see him die," he said. "The problem was he was so close to other people. The police officers came between us and him, which put them really close to him. You had to err on the side of safety." Silard, the dead man's partner, said in an interview that the shooting was "grossly excessive and avoidable." Instead of trying to de-escalate the crisis, officers shouted at Akbar and trained their weapons at him, "someone clearly in a mental health crisis." "Could nothing have been done to stabilize the situation while protecting Jihad, police and the public?" he asked. Akbad was mentally ill.
Ruffin, Robert, 57Black2002-06-14 09:55:23+00 fatally wounded Robert Ruffin, 57, who had been walking nude around his residence, the Drake Hotel in the Tenderloin, armed with a knife. A family member said he had been unable to work for years because of mental problems. That day, according to witnesses and police reports, officers ordered Ruffin, to drop the knife he was brandishing in a stairway. Officers hit him with their batons, doused him with pepper spray, then fired when Ruffin stabbed at one of the officers, cutting his forearm.
Tims, Richard, 22Black2002-03-15 09:11:09+00 March 2002, five officers opened fire on a 100-pound, mentally disabled black man named Richard Tims, killing him. Bystander Vilda Curry was hit in the abdomen, but survived. Police said Tims was on a Muni bus Saturday and got into some sort of altercation with a 16-year-old boy. The boy got off the bus at Geneva Avenue and Mission Street, police said. Tims followed him and stabbed him, police said. Officers were called to the scene and the boy pointed out his attacker at a nearby bus stop. When Tims would not drop his knife, police said, officers sprayed him with pepper spray. After the last officer sprayed him, police said, Tims lunged at him with his knife and five officers opened fire. Tims was taken to San Francisco General, where he was later pronounced dead. The barrage of bullets destroyed a bus shelter, sprayed the block and felled bystander Vilda Curry ­ forever robbing the 39-year-old mother of her ovary and the use of her leg. Shortly after the incident, a group of African American families filed a complaint against the San Francisco Police Department yesterday, accusing officers of habitually using excessive force. The complaint, filed with the city's civilian-run Office of Citizen Complaints, accuses the department of a "pattern and practice of reckless shootings and excessive force" against minors, people with mental disabilities and African Americans.
Hooper, Gregory, 36Black2002-02-02 09:14:28+00 on a date with his girlfriend, off-duty officer Steve Lee got into a fistfight with Hooper, a black street vendor. Eyewitnesses reported that after the fight ended, Lee shot the unarmed Hooper four times in the chest at point-blank range. Numerous witnesses told the San Francisco Chronicle that Lee fired not in self-defense but in revenge.
Stelley, Idriss, 23Black2001-06-13 15:45:32+00 Stelley, 23-year-old multilingual honor student and son of Mesha Monge-Irizarry, died of 48 gunshot wounds fired by nine San Francisco Police officers as he stood unarmed and alone in San Francisco's Metreon Movie Theatre on June 13, 2001. He was suffering a mental health crisis. The Idriss Stelley Foundation (ISF) engages in politics and protest to stop police violence. ISF also provides free, confidential services to biological and extended families whose loved ones have been disabled or killed by law enforcement.
Smith, Randal "Nice", 33White2001-01-01 10:30:19+002001Randall "Nice" Smith of Stockton, was killed in a shootout with police in Aquatic Park. Reports of the incident varied - stating that it began when Officers Angela Freeman and Michael Wolf were patrolling Aquatic Park shortly after 5 a.m. and spotted Smith and his associate, Cathey burglarizing a piece of heavy construction equipment, or that they had seen a stolen car parked, and the occupants had started shooting, or finally that they were searching for Smith who had a warrant for either theft or parole violation. After an exchange of gunfire, the Dodge Durango that Smith was driving crashed into the side of a police car. His wife and friend who were in the car fled but were later arrested and charged with his death.
Bufford White, 45Black1999-01-15 10:10:38+00 was shot by police after a bungled bank robbery at the Bank of America. A bungled bank holdup in downtown San Francisco ended yesterday in a barrage of gunfire that left one robber dead, two police officers wounded and a Good Samaritan hospitalized and fighting for his life. The stick-up took place in a Bank of America branch at New Montgomery and Market streets shortly after 5 p.m. and spilled out into the street, where dozens of shots were exchanged between the gunman and a squad of responding police officers. When the shooting ended, Buford White , a 45-year-old Oakland resident, lay mortally wounded; police officers Dennis O'Mahony and Mark Cota, both 30, had suffered leg wounds; and 26-year-old Anthony Garcia, the Good Samaritan, had been shot in the head.
Nguyen, Phuc, 25Asian1999-01-01 10:06:42+00 was shot and killed by police in the early morning hours of New Year's Day has been identified as Phuc Nguyen of Oakland. Nguyen was shot and killed by officer Moses Gala while allegedly chasing another person with a gun in his hand around 3 a.m. at Broadway and Columbus Avenue. Homicide Lt. David Robinson said more than five officers who were pursuing Nguyen ordered him to stop. Nguyen complied but then allegedly pointed the gun at officers, prompting only Gala to fire once, hitting Nguyen in the abdomen.
Reibin, Steven A., 43Unknown1998-12-31 11:52:01+00 A. Reibin, 43, was stopped near 16th and Capp streets Thursday evening by a pair of undercover officers who suspected him of drug possession, Lt. David Robinson said. When Reibin saw the officers, he put something inside his mouth, Robinson said. When the officers asked him what he was hiding, Robinson said Reibin tried to flee. After a brief struggle, the unidentified officers handcuffed Reibin and placed him next to their police car to be searched. Moments later, Reibin slumped to the ground and was having difficulty breathing, Robinson said. Reibin was taken to San Francisco General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 5:59 p.m.
Smart, John M., 46White1998-10-06 10:11:51+00 executive John Smart was killed by San Francisco police who said he tried to run them down with his car. Smart, 46, an executive of Interbrand, a brand name and design consultancy based in New York City, died of gunshot wounds after Officers Jason Sawyer and Ian Furminger fired into his 1996 Mercedes convertible as he allegedly drove toward them. The shooting came minutes after the officers interceded in a struggle between Smart and a woman near Sixth and Howard streets. Smart died of at least five gunshot wounds from the officers' .40- caliber Beretta handguns. Sawyer, 26, and Furminger, 31, said they fired because they felt their lives were in danger when Smart drove toward them, despite several warnings to halt.
Madrid, JessieWhite1998-05-29 10:09:59+001998Police fatally shot Jessie in an Ingleside District parking lot Fafter he opened fire on an officer trying to arrest him in an undercover drug bust. He was shot in his car around 11 p.m. He was not identified immediately by police, but Lt. Jim Speros said he had been under surveillance for selling narcotics. Jessie apparently was shot by another officer who had pulled up from behind in an unmarked car, according to Speros. No officers were injured. "It was a sting," Speros said. "No one thought this guy would panic. He pulled out his gun and started firing."
Detoy, Sheila, 17Filipino1998-05-13 09:08:54+00 was in a car with her two friends, both young men. All three were unarmed. Plainclothes drug cops Breslin and Moran rushed the car with guns drawn in an attempt to arrest one of the young men for missing a court appearance for a non-violent drug offense. The youth, thinking that they were about to be robbed, started to drive away. Police opened fire into the side and back of the car, shooting Sheila in the head and killing her. The youth drove on and a massive manhunt to arrest Sheila’s friends ensued. Police rules allow them to shoot at a car coming at them, but Officer Breslin fired from the side of the car when he was out of harm’s way. Officer Breslin had been suspended from the police force in 1992 for beating a man so severely that the jail would not accept him. Police claimed that the car was in reverse and coming at them, but an eyewitness contradicted this, saying, “At no time were the officers in the path of the car and they weren’t in any danger from the car.” When the driver of the car turned himself in, he was charged with causing Sheila’s death, even though it was the cops who killed her. Hundreds of outraged people memorialized Sheila, protested her murder and demanded that the charges against the driver be dropped.
Frye, Carol, 48White1998-04-25 10:40:43+00 had been arrested for being under the influence of narcotics and possession of a hypodermic needle. She had a history of intravenous heroin use. Once jailed, her medical condition rapidly deteriorated and she died in C Tank at the city jail. Her cause of death was listed as a natural one due to drug related cardiomyopathy.
Garcîa, Mike 28Latino1998-02-24 10:40:13+001998Someone had said a man was robbing people in the neighborhood. A crowd of guys who were gathered on the corner reportedly pointed Mike out to police, saying he had a gun and that they thought he was going to rob them. Police followed Mike as he walked. Mike kept his back to them and kept walking. Police Officer Andy Castro got out of the car and shot him four times in the back, claiming Mike had quickly turned around. Fifteen minutes later, police called an ambulance. Mike was unarmed and cops found no gun, but they found another man a few blocks away who was carrying a gun. They questioned and released him. Mike’s sister went to the San Francisco Office of Citizens Complaints and worked closely with them for awhile, but they suddenly cut off all communications with her after she gave them information on several witnesses. The family has filed a lawsuit against the city. Mike was well loved in the community. A spontaneous outpouring of grief and anger created a memorial alter of flowers, cards, signs and stuffed animals at the site where he was murdered. Mike was working for Goodwill Industries collecting furniture and donations, a job he had held since getting out of jail. Friends said Mike had a good heart. One young woman said that her mother considered him one of her own, that they had long talks about life and what he wanted to do with his. Mike left behind a 12-year-old daughter, who had just started to receive the fatherly attention she had missed while her dad was in jail. Mike was Puerto Rican.
Archer, Clifford, 53White1997-12-07 10:43:19+00, a homeless man, had been living in Golden Gate Park until park police and SFPD officers conducted a series of sweeps of the park’s residents. His camp was torn down and all his possessions were taken, including his heart medications. A few days later, he was found in the bushes in front of McDonald’s across from the park. His cause of death was listed as heart disease.
Hue, Truong, 38Asian1997-08-03 10:23:31+001997A homeless man who was shot and fatally wounded when he attacked a police officer with a knife Sunday has been identified as Hue Truong, 38. The San Francisco Medical Examiner's office made the identification Tuesday from fingerprints. He had a lengthy arrest record, a police spokesman said. Truong, a native of Saigon who has lived in The City since 1981, was shot after he attacked Officer Glenn Ortega with a knife and slashed him in the face. Ortega had responded to a call at Main and Harrison Streets about a transient trying to start a fire in the doorway of an abandoned building.
Williams, Johnny D., 20Unknown1997-07-11 10:44:55+00 Officer Leslie Adams saw a car with an expired registration tag, signalled for the driver to stop, and gave chase when Williams raced away. A h-speed chase through the Mission District ended when rush-hour traffic blocked Williams and Adams pulled up behind and to left of car. As Williams backed up, Adams fired. Williams was fatally wounded. Independent expert opinion: Officer failed to follow proper procedure by chasing car at high speed through congested traffic for minor offense. Officer put himself in danger by pulling up too close to car and confronting driver without awaiting backup officers. City's position: Police Department found no rules violated. District attorney ruled the shooting broke no law. While denying liability, the city paid $175,000 to Williams' family and forgave $45,522.05 in hospital bills.
Greer, Robert, 30White1997-02-03 10:47:49+001997Robert, a homeless man, had sought a place to sleep at the Powell Street BART station at night. He was later awakened by BART police and told he would have to leave. While being escorted outside, police claimed he fell from the escalator to the station floor. His cause of death was listed as an accidental fall. No alcohol was found in his body.
Solano, SilvanoLatino1997-01-01 10:26:49+00 Silvano, a homeless man with mental illness, was shot by members of the San Francisco Police Department in 1997 for allegedly firing a shotgun at police. According to the October 22nd Coalition's Stolen Lives project, Silvano sought treatment for paranoia at five different San Francisco mental health programs during one month shortly before his death.
Garica, Mark William, 41Other1996-06-06 10:50:58+00 was a husband and loving father of two daughters. He came from a family of Teamsters and was a Teamster himself. Mark had been robbed and partially stripped of his clothing. He was calling for help and in need of medical attention. When cops arrived, they beat and pepper sprayed him and ground a foot into his back for five minutes while he lay face-down in handcuffs. The ambulance called to the scene was diverted to a non-injury accident and Mark was hog-tied, thrown into the back of the police van like a sack of potatoes and left face down to die. The three-minute ride to the nearest hospital took the police ten minutes. Mark died of a massive heart attack. The family and community waged a tenacious struggle for justice in forums, on the streets and in the courts. The Office of Citizen Complaints found the officers involved in the brutality that led to Mark’s death guilty of several violations. The García family filed a wrongful-death lawsuit which a Superior Court judge dismissed. An appeal was filed.
Thibeaus, LernestBlack1996-01-01 10:27:59+00 25-year-old man died after he plunged over a 45-foot embankment while running from officers who had pulled him over for a routine traffic stop, San Francisco police said. Lernest Thibeaux of Richmond died around 12:15 p.m. Monday after he fled from an allegedly stolen car, ran through some bushes and fell off a retaining wall above an on-ramp to Interstate 280 from Alemany Boulevard, police said.
Sheenan, Edwin, 40Black1995-11-01 10:34:07+00 spotted Edward’s vehicle and engaged in a short chase to “check him for a parole violation.” After Edward crashed into a parked car and while still sitting in his van, Sgt. John Haggett opened Edward’s door and shot him dead. Edward was unarmed. By the end of 1995, Sgt. Haggett had on his record 18 complaints of racism or excessive force, four of which the city paid claims to settle. They included viciously assaulting a motorist who ran a red light, pistol whipping an Asian youth, breaking another teenager’s nose with his walkie-talkie and driving his car into the path of a disabled man and saying, “You’re my n*gger and I’m taking your Black ass to jail.” Still on the force after killing Edward Sheehan, Sgt. Haggett took part in a brutal attack on people attending an AIDS benefit.
Hankston, William, 29Black1995-09-06 10:31:52+00, who was unarmed, was shot in the back of the head by Officer Jessie Washington on Sept. 6, 1995, as he fled on a bicycle at Ocean View Playground in the Ingleside District following an attempted drug bust. Washington told police investigators he had accidentally shot Hankston as he tried to pull the suspect off the bicycle. Some witnesses said Hankston was riding away on a bicycle. " About 100 residents turned out for the march and vigil that was organized by a coalition seeking justice for Hankston and Aaron Williams, a suspected burglar who died in police custody after an altercation with officers June 4."
Boss, David 42Black1995-06-14 10:29:39+00 shooting came just hours after the funeral of Aaron Williams, who died in police custody after a violent struggle with officers on June 4. It was the third time this month that a suspect has died as San Francisco police tried to make an arrest. David Boss, 42, died at San Francisco General Hospital at 11 p.m. after being shot twice by a Mission District Station sergeant inside the All Star Hotel at 2791 16th Street. Homicide Inspector Alex Fagan said police were summoned to the hotel by the manager when Boss began pacing about the hotel's hallways with a kitchen knife.
Williams, Aaron, 45Black1995-06-04 10:33:26+00 was pepper sprayed and beaten, and kicked in the head by police who suspected him of robbery. He died in the van on the way to police station. In a move increasing pressure on the San Francisco Police Department, the FBI asked yesterday to review its files on Aaron Williams, the Western Addition man who died in police custody last week after struggling with officers in front of his Bush Street flat. Homicide Lieutenant Gary Pisciotto confirmed that he directed the request -- made by an FBI agent working with the U.S. Justice Department's civil rights division -- to Chief Anthony Ribera's office. Ribera did not respond to The Chronicle's request for an interview yesterday. U.S. Attorney Michael Yamaguchi could not be reached for comment, and the FBI's San Francisco spokesman, George Grotz, would say only that the investigation is preliminary. But it is clear that an FBI request to see police files on a death is not a routine turn of events.
Arnold, David, 54Unknown1995-02-23 10:54:44+00 Arnold , a Citicorp vice president, was visiting the city for a company meeting in February 1995. He fell into a coma while in custody and never regained consciousness. When the two officers arrived at the Fairmont Hotel, they found Arnold , then 54, sitting in a chair, snoring loudly and smelling strongly of alcohol. The officers carried him out of the Fairmont with the assistance of hotel security guards and took him to Central Station in North Beach. Hotel Security had not realized that Arnold was a hotel guest. The bank executive was placed in a drunk cell to sober up and was slated for release later that morning. However, when an officer tried to rouse Arnold he was unresponsive. An ambulance was summoned, and he was taken to Saint Francis Hospital, where he was found to be suffering from a fractured skull and intercranial bleeding. Arnold remained in a coma for 13 months before dying. The city of San Francisco agreed to pay $1.5 million to the family of a Phoenix, Ariz., man who died in the drunk tank after police failed to notice that he had a broken skull and needed medical attention.
Abraham, Amanuel 29Black1994-12-08 09:55:43+001994Amanuel was killed in a hail of police gunfire inside a downtown San Francisco bank. Although police fired dozens of shots from close range -- by some accounts as many as 100 shots in a two-minute period -- Abraha was struck only three times. He was wounded in the head, knee and foot, police said. Amanuel was a former mental patient at Atascadero State Hospital. He had a history of mental problems and tangles with the law dating to 1984. ``We don't understand what went on,'' said Netsanet Abraha, 17, his youngest sister, in a telephone interview. ``We don't have any answers. It's been really confusing.'' She added that the family was upset with media speculation about her brother's motives and mental state. Although she confirmed that her brother had been at the Atascadero hospital, she denied that he had mental problems. ``No matter what he did in the past, he was trying to change his life,'' she said. ``He had plans for himself. There was no way he was suicidal.'' Abraha was fatally shot Tuesday morning inside the Bank of America branch at Powell and Market streets by eight officers, who fired dozens of bullets after Abraha appeared to pull the pin on a hand grenade and throw it at police. The grenade turned out to be an inoperative training grenade containing no explosives. George Hughes, a San Francisco SPCA volunteer who was outside the bank when the gunfire began, looked inside the window and described the scene as ``all hell breaking loose.'' ``I heard 40 to 50 shots within about three minutes,'' Hughes said. ``It reminded me of a John Wayne movie.''
Boutwell, Victor, 37White1994-11-13 12:51:35+00 a week before his death, a 37-year-old man named Victor Boutwell told a relative, "You're gonna be surprised at what I'm going to do." The relative thought Mr. Boutwell was contemplating suicide. Instead, he surfaced on Sunday with a small arsenal of weapons, spraying semiautomatic gunfire for 25 minutes at passers-by and the police on the fringes of the wealthy Pacific Heights section of San Francisco. Officer James Guelff was the first officer to arrive at the scene, and was confronted by Boutwell, who was wearing a ballistic helmet, flak jacket and had hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Boutwell opened fire on the officer, who fired back but was shot to death. San Francisco’s SWAT team of ten officers later shot and killed Boutwell Mr. Boutwell, had spent the last six years living out of the back of his van.
Lockhard, George Jr., 34Black1994-07-11 10:57:02+001994Police were called to the family’s home when George locked himself in his sister’s room and was acting strangely. He had struggled with his father earlier. When the police arrived, they found him crouching in a downstairs corner. The police struggled with George and handcuffed him. He died at the scene of cardiac arrest.
Washington, Damon, 25Black1993-11-03 19:21:35+001992Unknown.
Gonzalez, Juan, 30Latino1993-07-15 15:17:31+001993Juan was fatally shot in Dolores Park after he allegedly lunged at Sergeant Forrest Fulton with a knife. Before the shooting, witnesses said Gonzales had been acting strangely and had been stabbing himself in the chest.
Sullivan, Brian, 22White1993-07-15 10:57:52+00 was running from police after he was spotted on the street with a shotgun. He dropped the gun and was trying to climb to the roof of his parents’ home when he was shot in the buttocks. He bled to death before the police summoned help. The family received $295,000 in an out of court settlement. The shooter, Officer William Wohler, was put back on duty.
Houston, Albert, 56Black1993-04-26 19:22:16+001993Alfred Houston , 56, was pronounced dead at San Francisco General Hospital 45 minutes after the shooting at 7:29 p.m. near the corner of Newhall Street and Williams Avenue. Officer James Gaggero, a six- year veteran of the department, was driving a paddy wagon to pick up a prisoner when he spotted Houston fighting with a woman on the street, said Inspector Armond Pelissetti. The woman, identified as Lawanda Simmons, 33, Houston 's girlfriend, flagged down the officer and asked for help. Both Houston and Simmons came to the driver's window, and Gaggero told Houston to leave the area. Pelissetti said Houston became belligerent and pushed at the officer when Gaggero tried to open the van's door. Gaggero reported that Houston reached under his jacket toward what the officer thought was a holster holding a gun, but turned out to be a sheath with a knife, Pelissetti said. The officer then drew his service revolver. Pelissetti said Houston repeatedly refused to obey orders to turn around or to lie on the ground. Houston grabbed the officer, picked him up and threw him to the ground. While on top of him, Houston punched the officer several times, Pelissetti said. When Houston began grappling to get Gaggero's gun away from him, the officer fired two shots, hitting Houston in the chest, Pelissetti said.
Flores, JuanAsian1993-01-01 19:22:31+001993Unknown.
Williams, FrankBlack1993-01-01 19:22:02+001993Unknown.
Griffin, GlendBlack1992-01-01 19:21:22+001992Unknown.
Gardner, ScottWhite1992-01-01 19:20:27+001992Unknown.
Cesardo, Mildred, 30Latino1991-11-24 11:00:10+00 Cesardo was reportedly shot in the head and killed by her SFPD boyfriend, Vincent Vago. He was arrested and convicted of manslaughter, after attorneys argued that the gun had gone off accidentally during an argument.
Acosta, Michael, 22Filipino1991-11-02 10:58:51+00 Officer Daniel Yawczak had chased two suspected purse-snatchers to an idling car in the Pacific Heights neighborhood, where he twice shot Acosta, who was sitting in the driver's seat; the men were unarmed. Michael’s father said that his son was a good boy who helped in the family’s catering business. He had just graduated as a mechanic from Sequoia Institute.
Dixon, Edward, 32White1991-05-23 19:20:16+001991A man who was shot to death by police while attempting to kill his wife Monday morning was "using the police to commit suicide," according to investigators. The incident began when police were called to a melee in the Geneva Towers housing project. Officers responded to a 5:18 a.m. call from the 32-year-old Dixon, who told the 911 operator that he was high on a combination of crack cocaine and the anti-depressant drug Prozac, and that he stabbed his wife. When police arrived at his 14th floor apartment on Schwerin Street, they found Dixon holding a 12-inch butcher knife over Rochelle Black, 32. While two officers were trying to talk Dixon into dropping the knife, police said, he shouted "you'll have to take me out," then plunged the knife at his wife, who had already been stabbed in the back. At that point, police said, Bell lunged at Dixon , who stabbed Bell in the back as they sprawled across a bed fighting for the knife. Officer Eddie Coley - "seeing that Bell was in mortal danger" - fired his 12-gauge shotgun at Dixon . Although shot in the chest at point-blank range, the 6-foot-4-inch, 200-pound Dixon continued to flail away at Bell with the butcher knife before collapsing, police said. The suspect died, his wife was injured and officer Leonard Bell, who his superiors describe as a "selfless hero," lies in a San Francisco hospital bed with stab and gunshot wounds. "He's in fair but stable condition with a stab wound to the back and a gunshot wound in his forearm," said hospital spokeswoman Gloria Rodriguez. Lieutenant Gerald McCarthy, the head of the homicide detail, said an investigation into the death of Edward Dixon indicated that Dixon was "intent on committing suicide when he drew the police into his problem." Tapes of Dixon 's frenzied conversation with the 911 operator, McCarthy said, disclose that he was suicidal and had tried to kill himself before "but couldn't bring himself to do it."
Galen, William, 34White1991-02-18 11:01:22+001991A senior computer programmer for the C&H Sugar Co. in Crockett was fatally wounded during a police drug raid in the Tenderloin. Four officers went to the Aldrich Hotel with a warrant for Tony Chappell, who was wanted on charges of possessing drugs and being an ex-felon with a firearm. With one officer guarding the rear of the building, Miller and the two other officers went to Chappell's third-floor room and forced their way past a woman, Mi-Huang Fox, who tried to block their entry. Inside they found Chappell asleep on the bed and Galen sitting at the far end of the "very small" room. . Police shot and killed him when he moved "furtively." William was unarmed.
Wadsworth, NormanBlack1990-10-25 13:11:39+001990Norman Wadsworth shot and killed attorney Garfield Steward in the Flood Building, and was slain by police later in a shoot-out in the office building. Police say Wadsworth shot Steward outside the attorney's sixth-floor office, then was killed in a gunfire exchange with police after he went back down to the third floor. Two officers received minor gunshot wounds. Wadsworth was closing his gospel ministry in the building after saying he was ill, a building spokeswoman said Wednesday. "He said he was not well--that's why he was going," Spisak, the building manager, said.
Quade, Henry, 56White1990-10-16 11:03:00+00 reportedly complained to health officials about a mound of trash behind Henry’s house. When Health Department inspectors arrived for a court-ordered inspection, they found the door nailed shut. People who knew Henry called him “a fat Howard Hughes” and a kind recluse. He was half-blind and allegedly threatened to shoot anyone who entered. Police responded by calling in the SWAT team. When he did not respond to negotiators, they broke down the door. Henry Quade allegedly confronted them with a gun. He was shot and killed by the SWAT team in a hail of gunfire.
Montes, Manuel, 56Latino1990-08-26 19:14:39+001990Manuel Montes was shot and critically wounded by a police officer yesterday after he refused to stop stabbing his ex-wife in her Mission District home. Responding to a domestic violence call from the couple's daughter shortly after 4 p.m., officer Miguel Granados entered the home in the 1100 block of Capp Street and saw Manuel Montes , 56, begin to stab his former wife, Monserat Portillo, 53, repeatedly in the head. The officer shot Montes after he refused orders to stop. Both were taken to San Francisco General Hospital, where the husband was listed in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the face and the wife was treated for minor head wounds. It was the second wife-knifing incident in less than three days. A 35-year-old San Francisco man was shot to death by two police officers Thursday night while he was stabbing his wife in the lobby of a Tenderloin Hotel.
Villanueva, RaymondAsian1990-05-21 19:13:37+001990An apparently suicidal San Francisco carpenter was killed by two police officers who were wounded in a gunbattle at the man's house yesterday morning. Raymond Villanueva was shot six times and pronounced dead on the sidewalk in front of his house at 110 University Street after a three-minute shootout. Before he collapsed, police said, Villanueva thanked the officers for "helping me kill myself." Officer Christopher Knight, 27, was listed in good condition yesterday at Mission Emergency Hospital with a gunshot wound in the knee. His partner, officer Nicholas Shihadeh, 27, was released from the hospital after being treated for facial wounds caused by bullets that bounced off his bulletproof vest. Deputy Police Chief Frank Reed said Shihadeh, shot at almost point-blank range, "absolutely" would have been killed if he had not been wearing his vest. The police were called to the house shortly after 1:30 a.m. by Villanueva 's wife, Lisa, who said Villanueva was threatening to kill himself, first with a knife and then with what she thought was a BB gun. When the officers arrived, they spotted the distraught man through a window standing inside the residence with the gun, a MAC 11 semiautomatic pistol, pointed toward his mouth. Villanueva , 44, apparently saw the officers. As Knight moved to the entrance of the house, two shots were fired through the front door, hitting Knight in the knee, police said. "I've been shot, I've been shot," Knight yelled to Shihadeh, who had gone to the downstairs garage to talk with Mrs. Villanueva . Hearing gunfire, Shihadeh ran back to the porch, kicked in the front door and was immediately shot in the chest. The shots were deflected by Shihadeh's bulletproof vest, sending bullet fragments into his face. The stunned officers began shooting back, emptying their service revolvers at the still-firing Villanueva , police said. Mortally wounded, Villanueva staggered outside and mumbled "Thanks for helping me kill myself" before collapsing on the street. Inside the house, police found 14 empty shell casings and one live round from Villanueva 's weapon. Outside, the officers' patrol car was shot three times, the house directly across the street had seven bullet holes and a van parked on the street had three. "I heard a lot of shots. A flurry, then silence and then a lot more, " said Marc Paulsen, who lives almost three blocks away from the shooting. "I jumped on top of my son to shield him and told my wife to duck because the shots sounded like they were right outside my front door." Villanueva was recently employed as a carpenter in the Bank of America building at California and Kearny streets, police said. At the time of the shooting, he was at home with his wife, his two sons, ages 7 and 17, and his wife's mother and father. Both officers were three-year police veterans.
Singh, NarinderAsian1990-05-18 19:14:55+001990Sing was shot to death by two police officers Thursday night after he refused to stop stabbing his wife in the lobby of a downtown hotel, police said. Narider Sing died with gunshot wounds to the heart last night at the Artmar Hotel on Ellis Street, the coroner's office said. His estranged wife, 31-year old Asha Rani, was treated at Mission Emergency for several minor stab wounds.
Bouyer, AllenWhite1990-02-17 19:19:37+001990A San Francisco police SWAT team shot and killed a Peninsula suspect in a shootout in the Tenderloin yesterday. The dead man, identified as Allen Bouyer by police Sergeant Jerome Senkir, was being sought by San Mateo police for the attempted murder Monday of San Bruno Detective Tom Harrington. Harrington was shot at as he was sitting in his car but was not hit, said San Mateo police officer John Minahan. Minahan was one of the lawmen who learned that Bouyer was holed up in a fourth-floor apartment at 57 Taylor Street in the Tenderloin. Acting on a tip, San Mateo officers requested San Francisco police help in serving an arrest warrant, Senkir said, and a SWAT team armed with semiautomatic weapons responded about 3:45 p.m. When the officers attempted to arrest the suspect, gunfire broke out. " Bouyer opened fire on the officers," Senkir said. "And the bad guy got shot by a cop." "It was pretty scary," said Todd Barker, a resident. Ben Lafferty, a young job seeker from Australia who was drinking scotch with friends on the floor below, said he heard at least half a dozen shots. Almost 100 lawmen, including two state parole officers who stopped to direct traffic, cordoned off Taylor Street between Market and Turk streets, and a crowd of several hundred people gathered. The drama ended about 4:30 p.m. when paramedics wheeled out the suspect on a gurney and took him to San Francisco General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
Nasalga, Rene, 31White1989-10-14 12:01:08+001989A San Francisco merchant seaman was shot and killed by police after he allegedly attacked an officer on a stairway in a Miraloma Park home. He had history of mental illness, and had stabbed his mother and partially disemboweled himself before the officers arrived and shot him. He was dead on arrival at San Francisco General Hospital. His mother, Sestalisa Nasalga, 60, was later reported to be in fair condition at the hospital after surgery for a stab wound in her abdomen. Officer Mike Mitchell fired four times and officer Gary Aicardo once. Homicide Inspector Marvin Dean said family members told investigators that Nasalga had been hallucinating and suddenly seized a knife and attacked his mother about 9:30 a.m. as she was cooking.
Mason, Martin William, 32White1989-08-03 11:56:16+001989A 32-year-old San Francisco Hilton Hotel handyman was killed in the Haight during a police skirmish. Mason had run through a plate glass window into a home where a man he was chasing had run. When police arrived, he ran toward officers yelling, "I'm going to kill you." An officer then shot him once in the chest. News of Mason's death was met with surprise by at his workplace. "He had a fine record and was always volunteering if there was extra work to do," Bigelow said. "He was a utility engineer around the hotel, and he was very well-liked by his fellow employees. We are saddened to hear of this event." Mason's wife, Nina, said she and her husband have lived in a Hyde Street apartment for several years. She added that she knew of nothing that was particularly troubling him. His record showed two prior skirmishes with police.
Cafaro, Joseph, 28White1989-03-20 12:04:26+001989Police said that a San Francisco man trying to escape them on a crowded Polk Street fired a derringer at two officers, who returned the gunfire, killing him. The 4:56 p.m. sidewalk shooting in front of a cigar store at the corner of Polk and Sutter streets climaxed a chase that began a few minutes earlier when police spotted the man in a car and recognized him as Joseph Cafaro , 28, who was wanted on four felony warrants, said police Sergeant James Hughes. "There was blood all over the place," said Maggie Stemas, who was working at the Simply Divine candy shop across the street. "He was bleeding heavily. . . . He was on his back and his hands were outstretched."
Barnett, AbrahamBlack1988-11-17 18:19:07+001988After a three-mile chase that ended when he crashed his car, Abraham Barnett was shot by a police sergeant. He suffered wounds in the right forearm, right lower leg, left armpit and left groin. The shooting came at Townsend Street opposite the Colin P. Kelly Jr. alley after Barnett smashed his car into a parked station wagon in a parking lot. According to police reports, Barnett appeared to be drawing a weapon when he was shot by Sergeant Steve Jones of Potrero Station. No weapon was found.
Bell, Charles Jr., 21Black1988-09-10 18:12:49+001988Undercover police officer Henry Garcia shot Charles Bell after an attempted $20 cocaine deal went awry. "Need some work," Bell reportedly asked, using the street name for cocaine. Garcia said he could use $20 worth, so Bell got into the car and they drove a short way and stopped. Bell called a companion, Byron Hobbs, 33, over to the car and Hobbs handed Bell a phony cocaine bundle. Instead of completing the drug deal, inspectors said, Bell held a knife to Garcia's throat, asked whether he was a police officer, searched him for a gun and then took Garcia's $20 bill, a watch and a ring and left the car. Garcia, inspectors said, reached into his clothes for his gun, got out of the car, ran to its rear, pointed his gun and yelled, "Freeze. Police ." Bell turned back to Garcia, held out the knife and Garcia fired several shots. Bell, hit, ran toward the corner as Garcia fired several more shots. Garcia, inspectors said, has been a police officer for six years and has made about 100 arrests in his undercover role.
Dixon, Ronald, 42White1988-03-18 18:07:55+001988The 42-year-old transient was shot to death by San Francisco police when he allegedly tried to rob a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet on Lombard Street.
Groshe, Silivelio (Tony), 13Other1988-02-18 18:04:11+00 developmentally disabled Potrero Hill 13-year-old was shot to death by police who mistook the toy pistol the boy always carried for a real gun. Silivelio (Tony) Groshe was hit by a single bullet in the middle of the forehead, a doctor said. He was dead when he arrived at San Francisco General Hospital. Neighbors in the Potrero Hill Annex project were horrified that the oversized Samoan-American boy they had seen playing for years in the scrub hillside around their homes had been killed by police . "We watch for him," said Jacquelyn Black, 29, a grief-stricken neighbor. "He's retarded, so he's careless. He can't even speak English - he mumbles." The officers, Michael Huddleson and Janet Campbell, spotted Groshe walking across Texas Street carrying what appeared to be a .22-caliber pistol, said Sergeant Jerome Senkir. The officers stopped their patrol car about 40 feet away from the boy and crouched behind the doors "with their guns drawn and pointed." "The suspect turned around with a gun in his hand, crouched down and let out a loud scream," Senkir said. "Both officers opened fire." The officers fired four shots from their .357 Magnum service revolvers, dropping the boy in his tracks. The gun he carried turned out to be a plastic toy, which neighbors said was one of the retarded boy's most cherished possessions. "He played with the gun all the time," said Frank Fua, a 19-year-old neighbor. "He waved it around and would point it at anything: bushes, trees, the water tower."
Yip, Nesly, 15Asian1986-12-23 18:01:55+001986A 15-year-old youth was fatally shot when he allegedly pointed a realistic-looking pellet gun at a San Francisco police officer investigating a burglary at Lowell High School. The dead youth, Nesly Yip , lived on 42nd Avenue in the Sunset District and was a student at McAteer High School. Officer Michael Gaynor shot the youth while investigating a silent burglar alarm at Lowell. Yip 's parents, who investigators said speak little English, tearfully identified the body of their son at the coroner's office at the Hall of Justice.
Flores, CharlesWhite1986-07-15 17:55:23+001986Officer Luis Hamilton shot and killed Charles, from Pacifica, in front of an Excelsior District pizza parlor. "Man, why'd you shoot me?" he gasped as he lay in a Mission Street gutter, bleeding from a single wound to the chest. Flores was shot when Hamilton saw a metallic flash and thought it was a gun. The object turned out to be a hatchet. He died less than an hour later at San Francisco General Hospital. Flores , along with a companion who fled with him and escaped, had been pointed out by local merchants as suspects in a recent string of robberies in the Excelsior area. After Charles was killed, police picked up other suspects they believed responsible for the robberies.
Lumpkin, Larry (Larry Holt), 24Black1986-05-21 17:53:25+001986Larry Lumpkin , 24, was killed by undercover officers after he allegedly tried to run them down in an Oceanview parking lot with a stolen car. Lumpkin , who also was known as Larry Holt, was shot once in the head. Lumpkin was released from Soledad Prison on May 4 after serving a term for auto theft. Police said he lived near the spot where he was killed.
Farrow, Warren, 31Black1985-04-08 17:47:42+001985Police shot Warren Farrow in the Hofbrau Restaurant and Bar at 219 O'Farrell Street. He had fired two shots into the ceiling after spending the evening drinking. When the four officers who responded to a bartender's call saw Farrow point a gun at them, three of them fired, killing him. The pistol was cocked to empty, and witnesses said that he did not mean to shoot anybody. They fired six times, fast. Three shots missed. One bullet hit Farrow in the brain, another in the heart, another in the abdomen. He was probably dead by the time he hit the floor. His death was ruled a suicide by San Francisco Coroner Boyd Stephens.

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