Jamil Wheatfall - Black - 36

2001-04-14 00:00:00+00Black36Oakland police struck Jamil Wheatfall, 36, of Oakland repeatedly with batons and choking him, causing his death as he was surrendering at the end of a high-speed chase, attorney John Burris said today. "These officers were acting in a vindictive manner because they had chased him," Burris said. "They caught him and continued to beat him, even after he put up his hands in submission. This didn't have to occur." Authorities said Wheatfall robbed a Wells Fargo Bank. According to witnesses, Jamil got out of his car and struggled with the Police Officer for a moment. He then raised both hands with his palms forward and said three times, “I submit. I submit. I submit.” Six officers surrounded him and beat him with metal and wooden batons about the head and upper body. Jamil fell to the ground. Still the officers continued to beat and kick him. Jamil struggled up on his knees and a carotid chokehold was applied by one officer while another hyper-extended Jamil’s right arm up. This action forced Jamil’s body to the ground while his neck was being pulled back. After Jamil was on the ground, the carotid hold was not released and the officers continued to beat and kick him until his body stopped moving. After he was cuffed and subdued the police left Jamil lying on the ground. A witness has stated that he could see that something was definitely wrong because he observed that Jamil’s stomach was not moving. Murdered by Officers Midyett, Perez and Clement Oakland PD.https://whatzenalotionbar.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/jamil-wheatfall.jpgOakland, CA 94602Jamil Wheatfall