Holden, Craig, 21

San Francisco


2005-09-04 09:29:37+002005Craig Holden 21, disabled with asthma, died at Bayview Precinct when he "stopped breathing." Police said officers had stopped a car Holden was driving at 10:25 p.m. Tuesday for a minor traffic infraction. Three other men were in the car when police pulled it over at Palou Avenue and Crisp Road, investigators said. Holden got out first and started walking, then ran when officers started after him, police said. "They had to physically subdue him because he was resisting arrest,'' said Sgt. Neville Gittens, a spokesman for the Police Department. He would not specify what kind of force officers had used. Holden was on parole from the California Youth Authority for an unspecified juvenile offense, authorities said. Officers found a handgun in the car he had been driving and took Holden to the Bayview police station on Williams Street, Gittens said. Once there, Holden complained that he was having trouble breathing and told officers he suffered from asthma. "The paramedics came," Gittens said. "They checked him out, examined him and cleared him.'' Fire Department spokesman Capt. Pete Howes said the paramedics at Station 17 -- located at Shafter Avenue and Ingalls Street -- had been summoned to the Bayview station at 10:44 p.m. and arrived three minutes later. The two-member paramedic crew assessed Holden and left at 11 p.m., fire officials said. Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White said she had reports showing that Holden had refused to be taken to the hospital and that his vital signs had been normal. Twenty-three minutes later, officers called paramedics again after finding that Holden was "in distress,'' police said. A sergeant spotted Holden slumped on a bench, where he had been awaiting booking, police said. The same paramedic crew arrived at 11:26 p.m. The two medics found Holden lifeless but worked to revive him for more than 40 minutes before pronouncing him dead at 12:09 a.m., officials said.Blackhttps://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2005/09/24/36182.php