Benítez, Herbert, 27

San Francisco


In the words of his brother on the GoFundMe site for his burial ( "My name is Andrew Benitez, and on Friday October 16,2015, the hardest thing I have ever had to do was tell my mom that her youngest son, my little brother, was shot and killed by San Francisco Police officers. With so much still unknown as to why this happened, what is known is that it took almost a full day before I was notified. Everyone is my family is in complete disbelief that something like this has happend. Herbert Benitez was 27 years old and supposed to turn 28 in two weeks. Instead of celebrating, my family now has to figure out how we will bury his body. While everyone is coping, this has hit my mom the most as they were on their way to go eat lunch. She was a block away when all of this went down and had no clue until I told her the next day."