Dixon, Edward, 32

San Francisco


1991-05-23 19:20:16+001991A man who was shot to death by police while attempting to kill his wife Monday morning was "using the police to commit suicide," according to investigators. The incident began when police were called to a melee in the Geneva Towers housing project. Officers responded to a 5:18 a.m. call from the 32-year-old Dixon, who told the 911 operator that he was high on a combination of crack cocaine and the anti-depressant drug Prozac, and that he stabbed his wife. When police arrived at his 14th floor apartment on Schwerin Street, they found Dixon holding a 12-inch butcher knife over Rochelle Black, 32. While two officers were trying to talk Dixon into dropping the knife, police said, he shouted "you'll have to take me out," then plunged the knife at his wife, who had already been stabbed in the back. At that point, police said, Bell lunged at Dixon , who stabbed Bell in the back as they sprawled across a bed fighting for the knife. Officer Eddie Coley - "seeing that Bell was in mortal danger" - fired his 12-gauge shotgun at Dixon . Although shot in the chest at point-blank range, the 6-foot-4-inch, 200-pound Dixon continued to flail away at Bell with the butcher knife before collapsing, police said. The suspect died, his wife was injured and officer Leonard Bell, who his superiors describe as a "selfless hero," lies in a San Francisco hospital bed with stab and gunshot wounds. "He's in fair but stable condition with a stab wound to the back and a gunshot wound in his forearm," said hospital spokeswoman Gloria Rodriguez. Lieutenant Gerald McCarthy, the head of the homicide detail, said an investigation into the death of Edward Dixon indicated that Dixon was "intent on committing suicide when he drew the police into his problem." Tapes of Dixon 's frenzied conversation with the 911 operator, McCarthy said, disclose that he was suicidal and had tried to kill himself before "but couldn't bring himself to do it."White